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These accommodations are furnished with the facilities of LED (T.V.), Telephone, Heating Elements in each room. 24hrs. hot and cold running water is available.

  • Above accommodation can be booked, in advance, and will be allotted subject to availability.
  • Making booking online does not ensure the right of accommodation. Final confirmation of booking is subject to availability at the organizational end.
  • Booking once made cannot be normally altered. Incase of over booking, your booking might get cancelled and you will be informed through email and the amount will be refunded.
  • Stay at Kayakalp, after securing of your booking, is subject to medical screening at the time of consultation. In case, your condition is found to be beyond the scope of services of Kayakalp, you will be issued immediate discharge and charges that are admissible till that time will be deducted and refund will be made accordingly.
  • An advance amount equivalent to 1-day charges of the accommodation as requested by the patient is payable online / transfer to our bank account on confirmation of the desired accommodation. The advance amount will be non-refundable.
  • In case the health seeker cancels the confirmed booking, his request for refund of advance will not be entertained. However, the health seeker has the privilege to utilize his advance payment against billing within next 3 months. Thereafter, the amount of advance will be forfeited.
  • Since Kayakalp is dedicated to traditional systems of healing, it takes time to appreciate the benefits of the treatments. Therefore, it is mandatory to stay for minimum 3 nights at Kayakalp. Health seeker desiring volunteer discharge before 3 nights will have to pay mandatory room rent for the said duration.
  • Full charges for the period of stay and treatment, as prescribed by the doctor(s) are payable in advance, at the time of admission.
  • Guests may stay with the patients on payment subject to the availability of the accommodation and may avail the facilities available in the institute, but will have to adhere to the rules / regulations of the institute.
  • Attendants / Relatives / may also stay with the patient subject to the availability and may / may not avail the medical facilities available in the institute but will have to pay for their stay and treatment charges, if availed.
  • Booking Form is available in the admission section of this website. Please fill up the booking form after carefully reading the instructions & send the same online to this institute. You will then get a confirmation email from the institute regarding reservation of the accommodation. This email should be brought by you and produced at the time of admission.
  • Charges for providing facility of wheel chair and room dining service will be Rs. 50 per day in each case.
  • Accommodation
  • Consultation with Doctors of all the fraternities
  • Diet as prescribed by the Doctors
  • General Yoga classes conducted in the morning
  • Evening Meditation and Deep Relaxation Therapy
  • Special Power Yoga classes
  • Yogic Kriya on prescribed days
  • Free access to library
  • Nilay (Standard Double Bed Room) is fitted with all the modern amenities. Charges of this accommodation are as following: Double Bed Room (Nilay) : Rs. 2700/- (1350 each bed)
  • This Accommodation  is meant to accommodate only two persons.
  • Accommodation Charges does not include treatment.
  • Treatment Charges are additional as per the consultation or package.
  • Housekeeping Laundries (Towels) are not allowed in treatment section. Client either have to bring his own towels or can purchase from the reception counter by paying the price of it.

Q. What is the procedure for booking accommodation?

A. Health Seeker can book desired accommodation through these email – bookings@kayakalppalampur.ininfo@kayakalppalampur.inkayakalp.contact@gmail.com or telephonically Mobile 7807310891; Landline 01894235666, 01894235676 followed by email so that confirmation for booking of accommodation can be acknowledged in writing.

Q.  Are the attendants/drivers allowed to stay with the Health Seeker?

A. Yes, the attendant may stay with the Health Seeker, but he may not avail of treatment facilities. We have driver’s accommodations separately on payment basis.

Q. Is the facility of Wi-Fi available in the rooms? 

A. No, facility of Wi-Fi is not available inside rooms; however, it is available in the waiting area of treatment section where Health Seeker can have access to it on request.

Q. Is the facility of the library available?

A. Yes, it is available.

Q. Is the amount paid in advance kept safe if the facility is unavailable on the desired date due to unforeseen circumstances?

A. Yes, the advance money is safe, and the facility can be availed within the next six months, subject to re-booking of the accommodation.

Q. What types of indoor/ outdoor games are available?

A. Badminton Court for outdoor and Table Tennis, Carom board for an indoor game is available.

Q. Is parking is available?

A. Yes, parking is available.

Q. Is the facility of daily needs items available within the campus?

A. Yes, facility of utility items and Ayurvedic medicine is available within the campus. Health Seekers can buy disposable under garments, sheets and other items from the store.

Q. Which is the best treatment modality at Kayakalp? 

A. We are an integrated treatment facility. We plan treatments through modalities like Naturecure, Panchkarma, Physiotherapy, and Yoga, and treatments are planned in accordance with the condition of the Health Seeker. Therefore, we encourage Health Seeker to consult all the departments and discuss their issues to find out the best combination of treatments suitable for themselves.

Q. Is it a resort? 

A. Kayakalp is not a resort. It is an AYUSH Hospital dealing majorly with lifestyle disorders and non-communicable diseases (NCDs).

Q. What is your best package deal? 

A. We do not sell health packages. Instead, we work one-on-one basis. Our doctors plan treatments as per the need of the Health Seekers. Health Seekers can choose their desired accommodation as per their budget. The cost of accommodation includes boarding-lodging, all meals, morning yoga, and meditation. Treatments are billed as per the actual.

Q. Are the patients allowed to visit nearby historical/religious places? 

A. Generally, Health Seekers are not allowed to visit the places during treatment. In exceptional cases, they may be permitted to go out with a proper out pass one day before the discharge.

Q. Is the facility of the allopathic hospital to meet any emergency available nearby?

A. Yes, VMI (Vivekanand Medical Institute) is available within a distance of 300 meters.

Q. Is the ramp facility available to reach treatment sections/dining areas? 

A. Yes, facilities of ramps are available in both places.

Q. Are the Laundry services available? 

A. Yes, Laundry services are available on payment.

Q. Is the Air connectivity available in Palampur or nearby places? 

A. Palampur is not connected by Air. The nearest Airport is available at Gaggal (Kangra, Dharamsala), approximately 35Kms away from this institute.

Q. What is the mode of conveyance to this institute from Gaggal / Dharamsala Airport? 

A. Private taxies are always available at the Airport which can be hired for conveyance to reach this location.

Q. Is the regular diet (Veg/Non-Veg) available in the hospital? 

A. No, only a purely vegetarian diet as prescribed by the doctor is served to the patient. Food from outside is also not allowed.

Q. Is the facility debit/credit card swipe facility available for payment of bills?

A. Yes, the facility is available.

Q. Is the accommodation once booked can be changed at any time if desired?

A. Yes, it can be changed, provided the other desired accommodation is available with us at that time.

Q. Which types of clothes are needed while coming for treatment?

A. Health Seekers should bring loose clothes (Kurta-Pjayma, Salwar-Kamij), four towels for treatment, a suitable dress for Yoga & Gym, a tracksuit for Walking, and woolen clothes (half / full pullover, woolen cap, etc.) during winters.

Q. What are the types of climates in Palampur?

A. The climate in Palampur is warm and temperate. In winter, there is much less rainfall than in summer. In Palampur, the average annual temperature is 16.80C / 62.20F. The rainfall here is around 1578 mm/ 62.1 inches per year. November is the driest month. June is the warmest month of the year. Average temperature in June is 24.10C / 75.40F. In January, the average temperature is 7.10C/ 44.70F. It is the lowest average temperature of the whole year.

Weather by month / weather average in Palampur

 Month Max. Temp.

0C / 0F

Min. Temp.

0C / 0F

Avg. Temp.

0C / 0F

Rain fall

MM/ Inch

January12.8/551.8/35.27.1 / 44.784 / 3.3
February14.7 / 58.43.6 / 38.49.1 / 48.3119/4.7