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Acupressure is (a Latin word acus – needle + pressure) a part of alternative medicines which is principally similar to the acupuncture. The principle is based upon the concept of energy which flows through meridians in the body. As a part of the treatment technique pressure is applied to the energy points aiming to clear congestion from these meridians. Pressure could be applied by hand, elbow, fingers or instruments specially made for the purpose.

Instrumental Acupressure Therapy & Hydro-reflexology helps to treat many kinds of diseases. Various kinds of reflex Acupressure therapies are available at Kayakalp. It has now been proved that our body is a wonder magnet component and all the physiological functions of our body are controlled by its pulsating magnetic field generated inside like a drum shaped coil. Magnetic treatment stimulates the affected cells and helps to increase the flow of oxygen to the cells and thereby improves the body metabolism. Different applications of magnetic treatments are given scientifically by experts at Kayakalp.

There are different instruments available for applying nonspecific pressure by rubbing, rolling, or applying pressure on the reflex zones of the body. The acuball is a small ball made of rubber with protuberances. It is used to apply pressure and relieve muscle and joint pain.

The energy roller is a small cylinder with protuberances. It is held between the hands and rolled back and forth to apply Acupressure. The foot roller (also “krupa chakra”) is a round, cylindrical roller with protuberances. It is placed on the floor and the foot is rolled back and forth over it.

The power mat (also pyramid mat) is a mat with small pyramid-shaped bumps that you walk on. The spine roller is a bumpy roller containing magnets that is rolled up and down the spine. Some medical studies have suggested that Acupressure may be effective at helping manage nausea and vomiting, or for helping lower back pain.