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Panchkarma is an integral part of an ancient art of Holistic Healing Ayurveda. It is based on cleansing of biological triads (Vata, Pitta, & Kapha) of body to maintain an optimum state of physiological balance. Ayurveda believes that equilibrium of biological triads sustains health & longevity. Upakarma are associated treatments of Panchkarma that are used to bring out the best of healing powers of the body. Sarvang Abhyanga rejuvenates every part of the body by transporting oxygen to all areas. Shirodhara brings serenity to mind aligning Mind-Body & Soul. Vaman (Induced Vomiting), Virechan (Induced Purgation), Basti (Medicated Enema) are meant for the bodily cleansing through various pre & post operative procedures. Nasya (Nasal Cleansing) is meant for cleansing of biological triads pertaining to head, neck & brain area. Rakta-mokshana (Bloodletting) is meant for those stubborn doshas spread all over the body. Panchkarma along with Yoga, Nature-cure, Physiotherapy & Meditation completes the healing experience at Kayakalp.

Sr. No. Treatment Charges (Rs.)
1. Ekang Abhyanga 130
2. Sarvang Abhyanga 395
3. Sarwang Acupressure Abhyanga 450
4. Sarwang Abhyanga Ksheerbala + Vit E 475
5. Sarwang Rose Petal Abhyanga 475
6. Ekang Patra Potli Abhyanga 200
7. Sarwang Patra Potli Abhyanga 475
8. Sarwang Shasthi Shali Pind Sweda 550
9. Ekang Shasthi Shali Pind Sweda 300
10. Ekang Sweda 80
11. Sarwang Sweda 320
12. Upnah Sweda (II part) 180
13. Upnah Sweda (IV part) 360
14. Dasmool Swaghan Ekang 130
15. Dasmool Swaghan Tub Bath 265
16. Dasmool Sitz Bath 155
17. Udwartans 475
18. Vaman 475
19. Virechna 530
20. Anuvasana Basti 155
21. Asthpana Basti 320
22. Nasya 200
23. Rakthmokshana 240
24. Shirodhara- Decoction 400
25. Shirodhara Oil 550
26. Shirobasti 200
27. Pichu dharan 130
28. Pijchhil 660
29. Lepa (I part) 100
30. Lepa (full body) 400
31. Ubtan 450
32. Kawalam 130
33. Gandusha 130
34. Localized basti (I) 155
35. Marm basti 475
36. Mukh Udwartana 350
37. Mukh Lepa 150
38. Dhoom pan 80
39. Akshi tarpan 155
40. Akshi prakshalana 100
41. Karanpooran 155
42. Massage for Child (sarwang abhyanga) 225
43. Erend Tail Application 80
44. Vit-E Oil Application 80

* Medicated Oil charges will be extra. Above tariff and treatment charges etc. will be applicable from 1st October 2016. Service tax, if applicable, will be charged extra.

In addition to the above treatment charges, the following room heating charges will be extra during winter season: –

For Heater Rs. 120 per day
For Blower Rs. 140 per day
For Heat Pillar Rs. 140 per day


Pure natural vegetarian food will only be served to the patients as prescribed by the Physician. Tea, Coffee, Cold drinks will not be served. No food can be brought from outside.

Terms & Conditions: –

  • All treatments will be strictly carried out based on our Doctors’ prescriptions. The patients will not request or seek any type of treatment.
  • All In-patients will not normally be allowed to go out during their entire stay in this institute except in case of emergency and that too with prior permission of the institute authorities.  Since such visits would impinge upon the routine treatment and will be detrimental to their health and speedy recovery, the patients are advised to stay within the institute for the period of treatment.
  • The management reserves the right of discharging any patient without assigning any reasons.
  • We administer the drugless therapy, hence drugs /medicines of any system will have to be discontinued after disclosing the same to the Doctors, who, if considered necessary, will advise tapering of medicine before completely stopping the same.
  • Patients are not allowed to carry their mobiles phones inside the treatment sections.
  • Please do not bring any jewelry /valuables. Cash, in excess, may be deposited on a receipt, with the cashier, for safety.  The institute does not take any responsibility for any loss.
  • Patients are advised to look after their belongings themselves during their stay in the institute.
  • The Institute reserves the right to carry out check of the luggage / room of the patient(s) to preclude the chances of eatables/ objectionable materials finding their way in the rooms.
  • (i) Smoking is strictly prohibited in entire campus.
    (ii) Tobacco products, Drugs, Alcohol, Zarda, Panmasala & Gutka etc. are strictly forbidden.
  • Patients undergoing rejuvenation treatment will be allowed to go out for sight-seeing and visiting temples etc. on permission of the Doctors.
  • Patients above 60 years age are treated as Senior Citizens.

Please Note:
No treatments are provided in this institute for AIDS, Cancer, Acute Cardia