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Kayakalp – from the desk of Administrator
Dr. Ashutosh Guleri (BAMS/ PGCPK)
Administrator, Kayakalp, Holta, Palampur, Himachal Pradesh

Kayakalp was a dream to bring nature-cure and traditional systems of healing under one roof. With an advent of modern medicines, no doubt, the world has witnessed modalities of new age cure, but number of diseases continues to grow. Although treatments for incurable conditions are now available, but adverse effects of these treatments are also becoming a concern. A worldwide debate is going on to find out effective methods of cure with lesser or no side effects. In addition, traditional methods of healing are being explored to validate their claim to cure.

There is an age old saying, “Prevention is better than Cure.” Disease burden of a nation cannot be reduced by inventing new methods of cure alone. In fact, it can substantially be reduced by not falling sick. Traditional systems of healing can play an instrumental role in reducing national burden of diseases. As per a recent study published in IJMR, obesity is prevailing in 29.9% of Indian population and prevalence of pre-hypertension in country is at 40-50%. This data is a revelation. Life style disorders are posing a major disease burden on country.

Nature-cure methods primarily focus upon lifestyle correction. It works on finding out potential cause of a disease. Ayurveda believes, “unless the cause of disease is isolated, malady cannot be cured completely.” With an increase in buying capacity, people are inclined to buy comfort. This luxury, in return, is gifting bunch of diseases. Sedentary life habits are potentially causing obesity and diabetes. Traditional medicines, on the other hand, are aimed at motivating an individual to become a ‘Health-Seeker.’ To bring activity in life is the prime motive of Nature-cure and Ayurveda. In association of Yoga, traditional philosophy of living becomes a boon to mankind. It not only aims at managing life style disorders but also brings a radical change in thinking process of the seeker. Sedentary life habits also bring postural changes in body. It is due to prolonged sitting/ lying in bad postures. Further, it may alter biomechanics of the body that may lead to early degenerative changes as well. Physiotherapy seeks to improve movement dysfunctions and promotes optimal functioning of human body. Since it is therapeutic in nature and seldom uses medicines, physiotherapy amalgamates well with Nature-cure and Panchakarma. A place where healing is directed towards shifting the mindset, minimum use of medication but maximum mobilization is achieved in a tranquil environment surrounded by natural beauty is nothing less than a dream.

Kayakalp came into existence with the thought of integrating multidisciplinary methods of healing. ‘Our aim is to provide best healthcare to people visiting this Institute for availing treatments and rejuvenation facilities through drugless therapies.’ We have been working restlessly since 2005 to formulate best combinations of treatments with maximum benefits at an affordable cost. Kayakalp is a ‘not-for-profit’, sister concern hospital of ‘Vivekanand Medical Research Trust (VMRT)’. It is the only ‘NABH’ accredited AYUSH hospital of Himachal Pradesh state and a certified ISO 9001:2015 organization. Our primary aim is to motivate society towards positive promotion of health.
Sublime health is moral right of every individual.